Networking Overview

If the optional networking functionality is desired, the digital data storage device (DDS) supports three separate levels of networking functionality

  • Remote Management - using this feature, the operator can remotely attach to the DDS from any location on the network, fully configure the unit, upload and download tape data. Remote restart / reconfiguation is also possible.
  • Automated Scripting - this allows tasks to be automated using a Python based scripting engine. Tasks performed this way can be run on an automatically scheduled basis, releaving any need for direct operator intevention. This is typically used to retrieve call billing data automatically on a daily basis, and transfer it onto the billing center.
  • Alerting- using alerting allows pre-written automated scripts to be executed in direct response to DDS activies. These cover a range of events:
    • Unit power on
    • Online/Offline state change
    • Tape rewind (data transfer complete)
    • External media change
    • Data transfer to external media
    • Configuration change


Billing Mediation Platform

Networking features are a core technology underlying the DDS Billing and Mediation Platform.