Network Alerts

Network Alerts allow for the automatic triggering of pre-written scripts. This allows near-realtime response to tape changes, and a variety of other events. This software runs on a server PC on the main network, and is directly notified by each DDS-XM200 when an alert happens.

Rules are configured determining which events to respond to, and in what way. Using this software tasks such as billing data transfers can be performed automatically, within an hour of the call being received by the exchange.

Event Types

DDS Network alerts cover a range of events:

  • Unit power on
  • Online/Offline state change
  • Tape rewind (data transfer complete)
  • External media change
  • Data transfer to external media
  • Configuration change

Email Alert

DDS can be configured to send an email alert in response to a detected event. This can be sent directly to cellphone devices or through an email gateway into a ticket system.

SMS Alert

For the highest priority events, SMS messaging can be used to alert on-call engineers as soon as a problem is detected.

SNMP Protocols

DDS supports SNMP which provides an easy way to integrate the DDS and exchange state and statistics collection with existing network management tools.

Supported Platforms

This software is available on Linux, and all Windows releases from 2000 (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10)