Automated Scripting

The DDS-XM200 can also be controlled automatically through the use of the Python-based scripting engine. The scripting engine includes full remote DDS support, as well as a multitude of features designed to interact with existing billing solutions:

  • FTP server access
  • Creation and manipulation of .zip files
  • Full logging support, for accountability
  • ASCII ↔ EBCDIC translation
  • AMA/CDR data analysis

Scripting Example

The Python language is easy to use, and developers familiar with languages such as Visual Basic or C# should have the required skills to develop using it.

print "Connecting to DDS #395"
dds = DDS("", "395", "secret")
# Check that the currently active tape is appropriate to process 
for t in dds.getTapes():
 dds.downloadTape(name, name + ".tape")

A scripting customisation and support service to ease the initial installation is available from DA.

More information on billing-related scripting is available.